Go Connect has one simple vision for the Christian Community. We are here to help local churches and individuals connects with community needs in healthy ways. Poverty is all around, if you look hard enough.  In 2008, Go Connect was founded to bring volunteers and resources to meet the need of poverty in local areas.

Starting off with a program to help Christ Followers to be local neighborhood missionaries, then expanding to different ministries as the demand increased.  The Compassion Vancouver ministries connected dozens of churches and hundreds of volunteers from 2010 to 2013.  It is estimated that close to 7,500 volunteers were mobilized and over $1 million worth of free services were offered to the community without health care during that time.  Neighbor Linkup was developed as a response to the growing number of partnerships being developed between schools and churches.  It is an easy way to communicate vital needs within local agencies and schools. FreshHelp is the most recent addition to the Go Connect family.  It is a secure, online, shared database developed to help churches join together to help individuals who approach the church asking for financial assistance.  In Clark County, WA the Fresh Help service has expanded to be a clearinghouse type ministry.  Churches can refer individuals to a hotline to apply for assistance.

David and Diana Bilby are the founders Go Connect and still run day to day operations. Diana is our care coordinator working with individuals who request help.  David, a graduate of Multnomah Biblical Seminary, is an expert ministry coach and works with ministries of all kinds to address poverty in healthy ways.  His focus of study was wrapped around poverty, both physical and spiritual and how the local church addresses it. Considered a pastor-at-large, David offers his time to pastors and church leaders who are looking to go to the next level in community outreach.


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