Our Programs

It is estimated that in every school district across the country, for every 10,000 students there are 20 families who have no other choice, but to sleep in their cars.  That means there are about 65,000 families living in transition waiting for a permanent place to stay.

Churches are the only place to park legally for over 2 weeks.  Our systems make it possible for churches to offer this kind of service to their communities.


Connecting public schools and services with churches and volunteers is just one of our key activities.  This is primarily done through the web service we developed called Neighbor Linkup.  It is a local online community of people who desire to meet needs in local schools and communities.  We make this tool available to any local region who would like to adopt it.

Call us at1-800-275-5037 for more information regarding this service.


In 2010, local schools reached out to us asking for help regarding students slipping through the cracks of housing.  16-year-old and older students were sleeping on couches and park benches. We thought, what if families would open their home up to these young adults, much like foster.  But since they were over 18, they no longer qualified for foster.

The faith community stepped up and offered housing to 24 students in 3 years. So far we know of 4 of the participants who are now in college.

Apply to become a Host Home

Every year Go Connect partners with the Council for the Homeless to bring the community an event that is vital to those living without shelter.  Project Homeless Connect happens the 4th Thursday of every January.  We have been organizing the event since 2012 and invite at least 40 people to volunteer for the event.  We are also looking for Social Services to offer help and hope.


Fresh Help is an online clearinghouse for any faith community who desires to give benevolently in healthy ways.  Providing financial assistance is a part of what churches do, but what if every church in an area could band together to meet the needs together.

Fresh Help provides a way for you to add information regarding the person you are helping and being able to see the ways other churches have offered help to the person you are helping.


3 years and 10 clinics, offering dental services, health care, haircuts, a free meal, and much more.  This one-day clinic served local schools with these vital services.  Over 4,000 people were served and over $1,300,000 worth of services were given away. Since the health care reform, the need has dropped dramatically.

Today the event is organized by another organization, but the service to our community continues.  Check them out at www.compassionvancouver.com


We exist to help bring a greater level of care and compassion for the community around you.  One of the ways we offer help is by being a resource for social ministries of the church. Many of the frontline workers are feeling alone when they interact with the community.

If you would like assistance in your social outreach ministries, please call us at 800-275-5037. We can bring training and coaching to your outreach frontline.

We help churches address poverty in healthy ways. Pastor, do you feel your church is stuck in a rut? We can help.

Ask Away!


We see a connected community who listens to, cares for and values each other through God’s love and compassion.

We do this in four ways:

1. Create programs designed to meets needs in the community.
2. Cultivate relationships for greater connectedness.
3. Coach pastors, faith communities and community leaders.
4. Come up with unique ways to address poverty.