Our Programs

It is estimated that in every school district across the country, for every 10,000 students there are 20 families who have no other choice, but to sleep in their cars.  That means there are about 65,000 families living in transition waiting for a permanent place to stay.

Churches are the only place to park legally for over 2 weeks.  Our systems make it possible for churches to offer this kind of service to their communities.

We help churches address poverty in healthy ways. Pastor, do you feel your church is stuck in a rut? We can help.

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We see a connected community who listens to, cares for and values each other through God’s love and compassion.

We do this in four ways:

1. Create programs designed to meets needs in the community.
2. Cultivate relationships for greater connectedness.
3. Coach pastors, faith communities and community leaders.
4. Come up with unique ways to address poverty.