Our Programs


Connecting public schools and services with churches and volunteers is just one of our key activities.  This is primarily done through the web service we developed called Neighbor Linkup.  It is a local online community of people who desire to meet needs in local schools and communities.  We make this tool available to any local region who would like to adopt it.

Call us at1-800-275-5037 for more information regarding this service.


Fresh Help is an online clearinghouse for any faith community who desires to give benevolently in healthy ways.  Providing financial assistance is a part of what churches do, but what if every church in an area could band together to meet the needs together.

Fresh Help provides a way for you to add specific information regarding the person you are helping and being able to see the ways other churches have offered help to the person you are helping.

Ministry Coaching

Many times church leaders do not have someone to talk to who is removed from the politics of church and relationships of community, we offer that kind of relationship.

For pastors, David is a seminary trained coach who can walk with you and overcome the bumps and humps that ministry gives you.  He has helped and guided dozens of pastors and churches into effectiveness and potency.  Call David at 1-800-275-5037 for a confidential conversation that will give you encouragement and help.


We Are Here To Help!


We see a connected community who listens to, cares for and values each other through God’s love and compassion.

We do this in four ways:

1. Cultivate programs designed to activate people in the community.
2. Creating technology which connects community together.
3. Coach pastors, faith communities and community leaders
4. Create curriculum and teaching for evangelism, discipleship, outreach and mission.